The biggest problems will be solved in the biggest event of the year in the Web3 world - TOKEN2049

The biggest problems will be solved in the biggest event of the year in the Web3 world - TOKEN2049

TOKEN2049 is coming back in Maribay, Singapore on two days 13th – 14th September, 2023. Last year, the focus of the event was on issues to pay attention to during the downtrend season of the crypto market with many events surrounding the market after the bankruptcy of the century of FTX (a cryptocurrency exchange said to be 2nd largest in the world at that time).

This year, when the market begins to become vibrant and attracts many participants again, what highlights will be mentioned in the event? Let's take a look with FinFan

Cutting-edge innovations in Web3 gaming

Playing games but still making money, even a lot of money is no longer strange to the gaming industry today. The same goes for Web3 gaming, they were created to both satisfy the passion of gamers in experiencing games with extreme strategy and to help gamers make money based on items can be traded and sold therein.

*Web3 gaming generally refers to the use of emerging technologies, such as a metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or a blockchain, in the gaming industry. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize gaming by introducing decentralization, security, tokenization, and digital ownership. With the integration of Web3 technologies, gaming is poised to remain at the cutting edge of innovation.

Blockchain technology can be used in gaming to ensure the integrity of in-game transactions and to provide players with greater control and ownership over their assets through the use of NFTs.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, represent ownership of a unique digital asset, such as a piece of artwork or an in-game item. They provide scarcity and value to digital assets, allowing for the monetization of in-game items and providing a new revenue stream for game creators.*

*Sourced by Venly

In TOKEN2049 2023 event, many giants of the Web3 gaming industry will participate and bring exciting experiences with their demo booths.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that is no longer unfamiliar to the global technology world. AI not only brings convenience to humans in controlling machines, but it also supports the work of other professions such as creating marketing content, applications in driverless cars, etc.

However, the biggest issue that needs to be discussed at this event will be how to further strengthen the security system and information confirmation to prevent evils related to decentralized transactions.

We will expect stakeholders to talk about the latest customer (KYC) or business (KYB) identification tools to solve the above problem (such as the event of identity authentication using iris scanning of Worldcoin project).

NFT and metaverse

The birth of NFT marketplaces made many artists suddenly become stars in one country and sell many of their works at very high prices even though they were previously completely anonymous on social networks or media.

In this TOKEN2049 event, we will look forward to the unique combination of NFT and metaverse to create spaces to hunt for valuable items and sell them. The first game to apply the Metaverse technology trend was Pokemon Go. However, those Pokemon have no redeemable value and can only be used in the game.

However, when combined with NFT technology, items or Pokemon collected in the game will be encrypted and can be traded to make money on NFT exchanges.

DeFi, the interaction between cryptocurrencies and global macro trends

Most notable at the event were the Defi projects that have been developing very strongly in recent times.

When DeFi launched, it brought many interesting conveniences for money transfers as well as cross-border payments.

However, this new segment of finance still has many problems to serve, noteworthy are the following 2 issues:

  • How can DeFi be combined with other financial technology applications such as digital banking, digital wallet, etc. to bring maximum benefits to users?
  • What if there was a project to help users transfer their cryptocurrency to countries where there is no appropriate legal framework for cryptocurrency payments?

The above 2 problems will be solved when giants in the financial industry join hands to implement plans to spread technology and payment utilities.

In fact, there have also been combinations between Western Union and Ripple in developing the XRP currency for cross-border payments and remittances. Or the combination or even wanting to acquire Stellar's payment and cross-border remittance transfer business using MoneyGram's fiat.

The above problem will also be solved if you want to transfer stablecoins to Vietnam through the combination of Triple-A and FinFan.

FinFan take part in the event TOKEN2049 2023

FinFan representative - Founder/CEO Tuyen Nguyen is present at this event. He hopes to meet and discuss with his partners in the DeFi field such as Ripple and Tripple-A as well as expand cooperation with partners who want to enter the Vietnamese market.