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Privacy Statement


This Privacy Statement describes how FinFan collects, uses, and stores personal information or data when you use our Services, as well as your choices about the way your information is collected and used. 

Personal information means all information or data relating to an identified or identifiable individual. Includes: name, email address, phone number, government-issued ID number, passport number, address, and bank accounts. Personal information is not included anonymous or unidentified individual.

FinFan and its subsidiaries and affiliates care about your privacy and are committed to processing your personal information in accordance with fair information practices and applicable data protection laws.

- Information that we collect and how it is used.

- Through automated means such as cookies or similar internet technologies.

- How and why we can share your data with to the third parties.

- Customer’s right to access, to be updated, to delete and correct personal data.

- The technical and administrative safeguards that we use to secure your personal information. 

- FinFan will store customer’s personal information.

Collecting and usage of the personal information we collect

A. Collecting personal information

We collect customer’s provided personal information when register for a FinFan account on www.finfan.vn or directly provided to our staffs during the process of transaction and using FinFan’s services. It cludes: 

- Contact information, for example: Name, Address, Email, Phone number, and Citizenship.

- FinFan account information, for example: username and password.

- Financial information, for example: bank accounts, bank and bank’s branch.

- Indentified data like: picture on your government-issued ID or passport, ID number or passport number.

- Transaction information, including your money transfers and bill payments.

We can automatically collect your personal data through your access to www.finfan.vn from your mobile devices, computers, and laptops to use any of FinFan’s services. These informations are collected for analyzing the running of our site www.finfan.vn And for the information that will not be identified as personal information includes: 

- Technical information, including the host from which you access the internet, your IP address, browser and operating system software, geolocation if enabled.

- The address of the site from which you linked to our website when you visit us.

B. Usage of cookies and similar internet technologies

When you access the website 

www.finfan.vn, we (or the third parties who are hired to track and analyze website activity) will write extra files called Cookies on your hard drive or computer’s drive. Those cookies can help the authentication to recognize you without having to re-enter your email address, etc. Users have the capability to manage cookies and we will only read or write cookies based on your preference, but this will affect the convienience of your usage of www.finfan.vn

C. Storing your personal information

We will store your personal information when you already register and use our FinFan’s services. We will store your personal information for at least five (5) years after the successful of your transaction made by our services or when you account is deactivated.

We will store and process your information with our main domains in Vietnam. We will secure your personal information by using many ways: restrict information access by our employees, firewalls, encryption, protection where our main domains are at. 

D. Usage of your personal information

We use your information for:

- Processing the services that you requested. 

- Identifying your information in due to meet by-law document in anti-money laundering 07/2012/QH13, decree and circular that issued by Government and State Bank of Vietnam, our company’s regulations applicable to financial transactions including those in anti-money laundering and other laws applicable to us.

- Preventing unlawful and risky acts in accordance to anti-money laundering regulations.

- Analyzing to improve better services on our website.

- Sending out our promotional campaigns, advertising information based on your interests.

- Comparing the accurateness and consistence of your personal information from the third parties.

We do not perform any tracking and stalking customers’ actions on our website or different sites; neither allow our third parties to do so through transaction and usage of our services. 

E. For legal and compliance purposes

We are allowed to share your personal information for legal and compliance purposes when:

- As required or permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

- To authenticate your identity and manage risks related to security, fraud and identity,

- As it doubted as illegal acts in due to anti-money laundering relagulations and laws. 

- It’s important to meet compliance and legal obligations or to assert or defend the rights and interests of us.

F. Sharing your personal information to the third parties

During the process of your financial transaction, we may disclose your personal information to the third parties who facilitate the service you requested. Your personal information will not be sold, traded or shared to the third parties without your consent, excluding those listed in section E.

By using our services, you agree to our described terms and conditions and policy statement.

FinFan’s third parties is contracted to protect and use customers’ information for cases that described.

G. Security for your personal information

We use organizational, technical and administrative safeguards to secure your personal information. Safeguards are included, but not limited:

- Password to protect files and folders.

- Usage of sockets layered (SSL) to make sure your personal information is encrypted and safely transferred.

All the sensitive information like financial information will be encrypted in our domains. Only employees that we give access to are allowed to process your transaction. Our safeguards will be considered updated frequently.

H. Updating our Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement will be fixed, re-written, and updated any time according to FinFan decision without any announcement. During our chances, we will announce to every users on our website.