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Vietnam is an emerging market, huge biz opportunities but challenging on all fronts and we are passionate about welcome you to celebrate your achievements with our business journey

  • >70% Vietnamese internet
  • +158% Vietnamese mobile
  • +69% Vietnam's unbanked
Discover money flow runs in the other direction   
Can we reshape the world of x-border money?   

A spotlight on FinFan ecosystem

  • Finfan Flag Newer entrants in emerging market spaces need to undertake significant financial infrastructure in order to a market-driven accelerating the world towards digital finance.


  • Europe Flag An ambitious look at how new technology can reshape banking where we built an omni stack with fully loaded platforms for global & local players embeddable financial services.


  • USA Flag At its core, we are utilized to help local business better scale their services by utilizing specialized "fintech" to implement connectivity to the global economy.


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Flexible design for qualifying the scale-up

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As an aggrigator platform makes it simple to integrate mutiple significant major players in the market that implementing fintech as a service solutions takes a supportive enabling environment as well as innovators building business opportunities in the trenches.

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Trusted by global leading industry

Partnership? it’s important to choose someone who are excellent at what they do, genuinely want you to succeed and must be respectful and trustworthy.

Our optional management dashboard is designed to make all transactions and FX rate easy to manage real time. Check the status of all your balance and settlements in one simple place.

Merchant-friendly interface

FinFan offers you fully methods with the best price in market.

Low transaction fees

Change how you bank

Cut through the clutter, ‍reimagine your financial life and make informed financial decisions. Whatever we don't have, our partners' got it covered

We're not about money.
We're about trust solutions.

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A digital alternative X-Border Neobank

An essential mechanism to engage systematically scale up the engagement of financing institutions as multi-stakeholder partnerships who target tech-savvy users with a wide range of cross border financial services in new development corridors.

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