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    FinFan allows your clients to transfer money with all methods as Direct to Account/ Cards, Top-up to eWallets, Cash Pick-up or Door to Door services and with Multi Currencies. Our flexible solution lets you decide which partnership model to go with so you can take advantages of market conditions.


    Top one infrastructure via integration with almost leading industry players as national switch, post office, telcos, banks, ATMs, cards, ewallets as all in one where you can use our API as one for all.


    FinFan was a first remittance player who had approved by central bank for transfer funds to ewallets. We integrated with every major wallet providers in market that your clients can remit on the go.

Why utrust

Remittance Cards

Card to card worldwide online money transfers!

  • Fast: your money arrives instantly

  • Reliable: Send into MasterCard platform

  • Convenient: Send online & receive on the go

Finfan Wallet
Electronic Money Transfers coming soon - Electronic Money Transfers coming soon - Electronic Money Transfers coming soon

Your desire, Our passion
When a business meets business, it needs to feel special. Our passionately developed marketplace solutions via emerging technologies in the financial services industry how consumers interact with their money, what they expect from us, and how we operate to make processes easier, more efficient, reduce errors, and how we can likely adopt and greatly benefit from many of them.

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Where can you send?

It works with almost countries

FinFan partnership with over 30 multi-industry global players to supports money transfers from over 150 major corridors. You can choose the service that's best for you with the simple steps, lowest fees or get special discounts to send money real time directly to bank account, ewallets, debit card, or credit card to anyone, at any time.

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Sending overseas

That allows for whatever reasons

Sending from working abroad
Paying for all bills overseas
Paying overseas tuition fees
Paying for holidays overseas
Paying for medical expenses
Paying for your employees
Support all family members
Buying overseas property
Investments or divestments
Moving wealth live overseas

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