FinFan partners with Ripple to bolster faster and cheaper international money transfers

(With the confirmed partnership with Ripple, FinFan has become the first neo-banking institution in Vietnam that will utilize the Ripple XRP blockchain network. Through the partnership, both firms highly expect to expand their core offerings with more expansive local and cross-border markets.)

FinFan is Cross-border Money Movement Platform, a partner with Ripple

FinFan is Cross Border Money Movement Platform that helps service providers expand quickly to unreached markets with a full spectrum of remittance & payment services. (website:

On 31 March 2020, FinFan announced the fintech partnership with Ripple, the enterprise blockchain solution for global payments. As part of the partnership, FinFan will join Ripple’s global financial payments network called RippleNet, which comprises more than 300 financial institutions worldwide, making the international money transfers more efficient at the lowest fees and best rates.

In the latest FinFan partnership announcement, the cross-border money movement fintech has announced that FinFan will be the latest to utilize RippleNet for cross-border remittance for Vietnamese globally. In conjunction with the partnership, a solution for on-demand minimize transaction fees, a more transparent way, a real-time bridge between the multi-currency exchange, instantly settled in the destination countries on a 24/7 basis which has the potential to revolutionize the remittance industry in Vietnam.

"FinFan brings Vietnamese Generation Z over the globe – the first fully digital generation – money beyond borders is an experience. These demographics want their financial experiences to be seamless, effective, and in line with their lifestyle preferences as sending money home to their loved relatives" said Tuyen NGUYEN, FinFan Founder and CEO.

FinFan partners with Ripple to bolster faster and cheaper international money transfers

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FinFan, the best fintech company in Vietnam.

Bringing new tech mainstream, FinFan, a fintech company aims to provide a comprehensive foundation for the future of financial infrastructures that facilitate cross-border transactions in real-time. The FinFan’s innovative with a financial transaction platform and perfect infrastructure network that enables partners like banks, MTOs, bill payment service providers, cryptocurrencies FX/ traders, and other digital financial institutions around the world to access these functionalities easily, reliably, and securely, to directly transact via single opened API with the local market without the need for a central counterparty or separate correspondents.

FinFan and partners have successfully deployed remittance - online payment solution services from over 150 countries in regions such as Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Western Asia, and Australia. With being a part of RippleNet, the transfer process of FinFan is more efficient for those sending money from the growing number of financial institutions, and at the best possible rates.

The Digital banking revolution is taking Vietnam by storm, and FinFan is considered one of the key players in this. By being the first non-bank institution in Vietnam to use RippleNet, it redraws the financial boundaries by bringing a new level of efficiency and accessibility for cross-border transactions to and from the nation.