Must partner, or may perish?

For the first time in history, delivery mechanisms for financial services are decoupled from incumbent banks. That creates a revolutionary moment for FinTechs.

Benefits for Local Partners

Clients-centric & inventive

The traditional banking is facing enormous challenges due to ever-changing customer expectations and digitalisation. This partnership, will help to build an open banking network that allows you to offer an on-demand experience for the new-age customers and gain big users from us.

New business models

With the rapid adoption of modern, cutting-edge technologies, data infrastructure has brung fintech and banks together, enabling data networking across institutions. You can change your traditional approach via our significant growth of tech-savvy as FX wholesale, IBAN, e-Money, e-Card, etc.

Global financial empowerment

The new benchmark in economic and digital performance, leveraging on the network effect, digital customer acquisition across channels, cross-sell and upsell strategies tied to behavioral models, are inexorably led by FinFan from over 150 corridors.

Opportunity cost

Brainstorming ideas or copy or mimic FinTech is slow decline into obsolescence, ultimately very expensive. The fastest & cheapest ways to partner with us for acquisition of new skills on an emerging platform, out-of-the-box thinking capabilities, or the ability to experiment with new technology to establish feasibility.

Improving your brand’s reputation

Businesses that can successfully go global and market your offerings to a totally different population will enjoy the prestige of calling an international brand. It is not an easy feat to accomplish, meaning prospects and potential business partners will instantly think more highly of your company when they know you have an international presence.

Diversifying global markets

If your business only has one or two areas where it can sell services or products, what would happen if these markets experienced a dramatic shift because of a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstance? Joining us allows you to diversify your markets with new kind of services that will make up the difference.

How FinFan works

FinFan creates a marketplace for local players to make a best ecosytem by starting small and aligning oneself with own advantages as network, switching, applications, and the likes.
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