Handling Complaints

Dispute resolution process

A/ Conditions of receiving your complaint is considered valid when the following conditions are met: 

- The time of the complaint do not exceed 1 week from when making the transaction.

- The information you provide in the form of complaints coincided with the information you used when making the transaction.

B/ Receiving the complaint:

You can complain in 2 ways:

- Call directly on the customer care phone number: 028 6685 3317

- Submit a complaint information, fill out the information and send it on email support@finfan.vn with the subject "Request complaint".

The process for handling complaints

Shortly after receiving the call or email your complaint, customer care staff will handle your complaint right away by following these steps: 

Step 1: Receipt, checking information complaints and pursuant to the conditions of complaints that employees will receive treats (valid complaint) or reject the complaint (the complaint not valid). 

Step 2: Within 1-3 days of receiving the complaint, the staff will proceed to check the status of transactions to handle your complaint for you in the following ways: 

Refunded the entire amount customer has payment. Or will again provide product implementation, service that you have made a transaction (if the error belongs to us) 

Step 3: The slowest is after 3-7 days (not counting Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) to solve successfully and ends the process of handling complaints. 

(Note: the refund fast or slow depending on your bank)