Investor Relations

Wish to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your various supports. Backed by your trust and the tireless efforts of our executives and employees, we achieved record-high in biz development network. And, based on new corporate philosophy, we will continuously do our best towards the challenge in the business environment turbulent times of Covid-19 to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming a truly top regions player and FinFan in all aspects of our business and to improve investment returns. I feel a great responsibility in taking the position of CEO during this critical time. Through this unwavering commitment, making the world of money movement better through involves leveraging technology, culture and talent to enable meaningful outcomes for all of our stakeholders – our customers, communities, investorsand team members. 

Once again, welcome you all to devote more time and effort to engaging with our journey, and we look forward to your encouragement, continued capital investments support in the years ahead.

Thank you

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