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Let us design a payment solution for you.


    Private multiple currencies
    3D Secure online payments
    Push notifications transactions
    Parental control for minors


    Automatic pay-out through an API
    Variety of API integrations with other services
    Tailor-made a quick start of different projects
    Easily to pay rent, salaries, invoices, and more
    Card with an attached unique IBAN
    Fraud monitoring and Cash back options
    Ready-to-go white label solutions


    Unlike physical cards, virtual cards have many innovative features as:

    Convenience: Allow users to make quick and easy payments through their phones and also makes online shopping seamless while protecting their information.

    Fraud Protection: Protect user’s personally identifiable information (PII) by limiting the amount purchases and encrypting account numbers to make one-time payments, thereby cutting off fraudulent activity

    Spending Controls: Virtual cards enables users to keep spending limits, choose merchants to pay and select a date they’d like to close their card or schedule it to close automatically after one payment.

    Subscription Management: Users can manage their company’s online subscriptions, set up virtual cards for individual subscriptions and simply skip the hassle of cancelling a subscription by simply deleting the card entirely.

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Power up your brand with FinFan

Build your brand: License proven, contact and contactless, mobile technology, while putting your brand first.

Build your network: Leverage our global payments network to expand your reach in 150+ countries and territories.

Build your trend: choose a non-physical NFC card that reside in mobile for contactless payments and get credit record.

Build a trusted relationship: Receive strategic support on training, on-boarding and product roadmaps.

Finfan Wallet
Card-based Technology Shifts Cashless Society - Card-based Technology Shifts Cashless Society - Card-based Technology Shifts Cashless Society

Money movements are the lifeblood of today’s global economy. FinFan is investing heavily to retool payments systems, capitalizing on several advances in technology to as Infrastructure and deployments, Middleware ecosystem, Front-end channels and execution systems; or better align with customer preferences and sector-specific business requirements — spark a wave of disruption and innovation — cash is further displaced.

Distributed ledger Blockchain

Distributed ledger

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of
Things (IoT)

Deep learning and AI

Deep learning
and AI

Multi-function instruments


Card innovation can no longer wait
FinFan unveils next generation card

Allow you to unlock the door to simpler cash-free payments worldwide

FinFan brings the smart card with new features to be added, shaping the future of cards in the market, such as a dynamic passcode, an account balance, a spending limit and the likes.

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White Label Solutions

A special card for neo banking branded in your company design?

FinFan provides access to its advanced API integration platform and full product range under your brand. It contains as virtual and physical cards, ... or neo banking services that tailor-made extra income from your client’s activities

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Simple API Seamless with lines of code
Integrate in days, not months
Speed-to-global markets
Access the worlds of MC, Visa