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    Quick and easy application by using your ID and a selfie to instantly verifying and add your new digital card to Master Card within minutes once approved.


    Leverage Mastercard’s global network to expand your business across markets beyond and Mastercard world benefits.


    Expanding your business access through our new technology, even if you've never had this approach before.


    Designed to bring on the benefits with saying goodbye to sign-up fee, hidden cost. Level up as cash back rewards on payments.

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Virtual Card

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  • Unlike physical cards, virtual cards have many innovative features that create a safe, convenient, and more controlled spending experience. They are, in many cases, the preferred form of payment because they can be issued and used immediately. FinFan provides virtual cards with Just-in-Time funding that happens in real time to optimize cash flow. FinFan also makes it easier to control, track funds tied to the virtual card number and flexible & scalable to meet different unique payment needs.

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Muti-Currency Virtual Card On The Way - Muti-Currency Virtual Card On The Way - Muti-Currency Virtual Card On The Way

Technology is a forever evolving industry, with new innovations changing the way you do things. One of the most flexible forms of electronic payment is the virtual card. Today, this service is more essential than ever. Virtual Cards Market is valued at USD 188.61 Billion in 2018 and expected to reach USD 739.77 Billion by 2025 with the CAGR of 21.56%.

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Shop the global from local
Unlock your favorite global retailers

Our virtual cards allow you to have unlocked shopping at your favorite retailers in the world.

You do not require to keep minimum balances
Enables making online purchases in any currency
Provides 24/7 hours support to users
Cards can be recharged with muti currencies
Allows sending money from Mastercard worldwide

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e-Remittance Card

A special card for international money movement

As the pioneer to introduce revolutionary changes to improve remittance service to Vietnam, FinFan understands the difficulty and the hardship of being away of immigrants from the loved ones.

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No compulsory initial deposit
Withdraw & spend on MC network
Emergency loan on remittances