Ria - FinFan: For Faster, Cheaper and Easier Money Transfer


Ria - FinFan: For Faster, Cheaper and Easier Money Transfer

Sending money to Vietnam is always the concern of many international Vietnamese expatriates not only in the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, and France, but also from some Asian market like Japan, South Korea.

This comes from past habits of sending remittances through banks or some companies providing remittance delivery services, which takes a lot of money and time for both the sender and the recipient.

However, with improvements in fintech technology, sending remittances is now easier than ever, even with just a few taps with a computer and a phone to send money from countries around the world to Vietnam (even straight to the recipient's e-wallet).

With that simple desire, FinFan has combined with Ria with efforts to improve technology to create the first e-wallet aggregator platform in Vietnam to bring the fastest and most convenient experience, and most economical for senders and their final recipients in Vietnam.

Currently, in just 3 simple steps, international remittance remitters can transfer their money directly to the recipient's e-wallets in Vietnam such as MoMo, VNPTPay, etc.:

1    Send information to your relatives abroad to log in to Ria Money Transfer:

• on the computer via the website,

• or download the app on our app store:

o Appstore: keyword Ria Money Transfer,

o Google Play: keyword Ria Money Transfer.

2    Make a money transfer order, then enter recipient information and money receiving method, MoMo e-wallet (information must match the phone number registered to your MoMo, VNPTPay, etc. e-wallet).

3    Complete the money transfer order and the amount will be transferred directly to your e-wallet.

In particular, recipients also have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts from year-end and early-year programs such as "Lac Xi" from MoMo. Update details in the following articles on FinFan's page.

About Ria

With a worldwide network of 507,000 locations in 160 countries, Ria continues to make the world a smaller place by closing distances between families and their loved ones through world-class money transfers. They also offer bill payment, mobile top-ups, prepaid debit cards, check cashing, and money orders. With every service that we provide, we work hard to provide the most positive experience possible.

Read more about Ria Money Transfer at: https://www.riamoneytransfer.com/en-us/

About FinFan

FinFan is a cross border embedded financial services company that focuses on mass disbursement, fund collection, card processing, IBAN, digital APMs solutions, can provide valuable input and integration on and for the same. FinFan already integrated with almost the world's well-known MTOs, PSPs, switch and core fintech platforms as Money Gram, Thunes, Qiwi, Remitly, World Remit, Bancore, PaySend, Terrapay, Ria Financial (Euronet), Dlocal, Ripple, TripleA, FoMo Pay, Wings, ... or MoMo, Zalo, VNPay, VNPT, ...etc.

For more information, visit: https://finfan.io