Send money from France to Vietnam – 3 ways of remittance from France to Vietnam

How to send money from France to Vietnam

France is a very poetic country with countless stories incorporated into literary works to love songs.

This place is also the living and working place of more than 400,000 Vietnamese people. Transferring money from France to Vietnam is always a problem that needs to be solved by these people when they want their relatives in their homeland to have a better life.

In this article, let's find out with FinFan the ways that Vietnamese people in France have been doing to transfer money to Vietnam.

Remittance from France to Vietnam with gifts by post

Like overseas Vietnamese in the US, the majority of Vietnamese expatriates came to France because of the Vietnam War in the form of refugees. Remittance from France to Vietnam with gifts through the post office or courier companies was a very popular form in the 80s and 90s and is still used today.

To do this, the sender must bring money and gifts to the nearest post office or courier company, declare all items inside the box or container by filling out a form from these service offices. Then pay the fee to transfer gifts and remittances to Vietnam for their relatives.

Normally, remittances and gifts will be sent to Vietnam within 7 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

This is also a disadvantage of this approach is that it takes a long time for relatives to receive money and gifts. Your loved one may need the above money urgently but cannot get it right away to cover some of their essential needs.

Remittance money transfer from France to Vietnam through money transfer service companies

Instead of choosing a post office, if you only need to send remittances to Vietnam, you can choose a number of international money transfer services with a global network such as MoneyGram (FinFan's partner) to do it.

MoneyGram International is a global leader in cross-border remittance and payments. Its consumer-centric goals enable family and friends to send money quickly, securely, and at reasonable prices based on a unique API platform system in over 200 countries.

MoneyGram utilizes a large-scale, modern technology platform to serve millions of people worldwide each year. Collaboration with major fintech companies around the world also makes MoneyGram a leading fintech company. With a strong culture of innovation and a relentless focus on utilizing technology to deliver the world's best customer experience, MoneyGram is leading the evolution of cross-border payment platforms.

You can go to the nearest MoneyGram branches in France to carry out the procedures to transfer money to Vietnam through 2 methods: direct transfer to your bank account through service in cooperation between FinFan and MoneyGram or recipients can go to the nearest MoneyGram offices in Vietnam to make cash withdrawals.

Remittance to Vietnam through online remittance services

The above 2 methods of remittance seem to be very safe but still bring certain disadvantages in terms of time for the recipient to receive the remittance from France to Vietnam.

With this third remittance method, the recipient can sometimes receive the money immediately through the e-wallet they are using.

If they are quicker this June, they will also receive an additional incentive of up to 300,000 VND from the Zalo Pay e-wallet to pay all bills on this wallet if the sender uses Remitly or Paysend services. directly to the recipient's Zalo Pay wallet.

With this method of money transfer, sometimes the sender only needs to go through about 3 steps with some simple operations such as filling in all the information related to the sender as well as the recipient in the online form.

Hopefully, through this article, FinFan has brought you useful information about how to send remittances from France to Vietnam.