Removing The Friction From Cross-Border Payments

National borders do not limit the range at which a business can function. It’s vital for any company to understand how cross-border payments work to have an efficient business. As the world becomes increasingly connected, cross-border transactions are growing exponentially. With a predicted #1B online shoppers worldwide by 2020, our global footprint—paired with local presence and support—helps you speak the language of your customers and provide solutions that introduce your business to the world.

One stop shop solutions are uniquely positioned as all-in-one channel to help you expand your business on global scale capabilities. We provide creative, reliable and innovative payment solutions that is a facility ideal for your utilities, mobile top-ups, school fees, health care, games, insurance, sending money to vendors, suppliers, remote workers, flexible payment plan, mass payouts, investment, property or immigrants’ assets and local payment methods around the world to help merchants optimize the payment experience for their consumers.