Fully optimized and powerful multiple collection channels

Today’s technology allows us to live and work without borders as you're reading news, shopping or talking with friends, it doesn’t matter where they are that you’re connected. Why cross border payment is an exceptional? Why can’t global payments be as instant as modern global technology? We believe that the same idea applies to payment ways work where FinFan can answer by cutting-edge one-stop, cross-border payment service platform which provides secure, reliable, low-cost cross-border collection and settlement services to platform merchants across the globe.

FinFan is a functionally rich, reliable, secure & cost effective solution that packages numerous functions that help individuals and businesses process receipts and payments in an organized and efficient manner. We provide a wide range of payment and collections methods specifically designed for each partner, so you can pay your suppliers and employees and collect payments. Our numerous agreements with strategic banks that enable you to use your local accounts of collections, concentrations, disbursement of cash & payments on behalf of the Customers using the Top Network.