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You are a foreigner transferring money to Vietnam, or overseas Vietnamese who want to send money overseas. And you are facing difficulties with money transfer solutions from abroad to Vietnam. Or you are confused with the procedures, paperwork and expenses for international money transfers. Let's read this article, then you may solve these problems right away, which are top digital payment companies.

First, FinFan will give you the ways to send money from abroad to Vietnam, as follows:

Global money transfer is a form of money transfer for customers wishing to transfer and receive money from abroad through overseas money transfer services such as banks, MoneyGram, Western Union (WU), FinFan, SWIFT Code, Paypal ...Currently, consumers' demands on sending money abroad to their relatives and their family is increasing when the amount of money from other countries moves to Vietnam rapidly. People have faced fraudulent institutions, providing transfer money service from abroad, because of choosing the wrong money transfer method.

Global money transfer services through the banking system

Global money transfer by banking or remittances is the most popular remittance method in the world. Currently, customers can be supported by banks such as VietinBank, Vietcombank, BIDV, Sacombank, Techcombank, ACB, ... make transfer transactions. These banks currently have transaction counters. It is not difficult to get to these counters and make the desired transactions.

Next, you need to prepare something, as below:

  • Find out the nearest bank ( should choose the banks you have debit cards, ATM cards, ..)
  • Prepare a full of information required by the bank.
  • Provide identification papers for the teller.
  • Choose banks or money transfer companies in Vietnam where the recipient will come to receive money directly.
  • Finally, give the amount you want to transfer and pay the transaction fee.

When completed these procedures, you will receive a code to give to the recipient. The recipient will be contacted by the intermediary bank in Vietnam to process the procedure of receiving. Remember to bring all your identification papers.

Receiving money from abroad to Vietnam through the banking system

You will have 2 forms of receiving money: receiving money directly at the bank or being transferred to your bank account. Fees and time of receipt will be different for these methods.

  • Receiving cash at the bank: When money is available, the bank will contact the receiver according to the information provided by the sender.
  • Receiving money from abroad into the banking account: Money is transferred into the recipient’s banking account directly. (it usually takes longer than receiving by cash).

Time to receive money from abroad

After transferring money, the time to receive money from abroad is about 2 - 3 days. However, you can receive money on the same day as the sending day if there are no problems with procedures. To avoid mistakes, the sender should provide essential information, especially the receiver's information so that money can be transferred in the fastest way.

Receive money from abroad

Banks’ fees for receiving money from abroad in Vietnam 

Query: “Does it cost when receiving money from abroad? If yes, How much is it?”

Receiving money from abroad is at no fee. It depends on currencies, however, you can be charged a fee by the Banks.

Transferring money to Vietnam through global money transfer companies and digital payment companies.

In developed countries, global money transfer companies are the best choice of consumers besides using remittances at the banking system. Currently, there are a number of big companies such as Moneygram, Xoom (PayPal), Western Union, .. that have become the spearhead of the financial industry, thanks to the growth each year higher than all other financial institutions. They not only have a high information security system but also competitive fees. So, how do you transfer money from overseas to Vietnam through these digital payment companies?

The best money transfer from abroad to Vietnam through International MoneyGram

Moneygram, the best money transfer, is available across 200 countries around the world and associated with more than 300,000 agents and many banks to implement sending money services from abroad to Vietnam with safe and simple deposit procedures.

International Moneygram helps senders make money transfers from abroad to Vietnam easily through many forms such as: via mobile application, online or sent directly to their agents. 

MoneyGram attracts many customers around the world by using these diversified, simple and state-of-the-art forms. Customers can use MoneyGram’s services anywhere. MoneyGram has so many partnerships in Vietnam, from banks as DongA Bank, Eximbank, HDBank, Sacombank, VIB, Saigonbank, Vietcombank to companies as FinFan, Kiều Hối Việt Ltd, Anh Quang JSC, etc.

MoneyGram, one of the world's leading fintech payment companies, is currently providing direct send services through banking accounts and e-wallet.


Process of transfer money at MoneyGram, a partnership with FinFan:

In the first step, choose one of MoneyGram’s agents.

The second step, Prepare something before going to the bank:

  • Your identification papers.
  • Information of recipient (his/her identification card,...)
  • Recipient’s address for international directed send services, recipient’s banking account and the beneficiary bank’s name for transferring into the banking account, recipient’s phone number, and international code for transferring into e-wallets.
  • The amount of sending money to Vietnam and fees.

The third step, After filling out the information required in the deposit slip, giving money and paying fees to the agents or banks.

The fourth step, Giving code and essential information for the recipient.

Remember this information carefully to make a transfer money transaction without hiccups, difficulties.

Sending money to Vietnam through Western Union International.

If you have ever approached MoneyGram’s transfer services, you have probably heard about remittances of Western Union, a money transfer company. Western Union's overseas remittance service (WU) is the most common and the most popular international remittance service. With great coverage, Western Union International is certainly the best choice for those who have a demand for sending money to Vietnam.

Over 480,000 points of transactions across the globe, Western Union satisfies almost all desires of entities and international customers on the needs of cross-border money transfer. An advantage of Western Union’s services is so many transaction points, it can be banks, tourism agents, airports, post offices, foreign currency exchange places, gold and silver shops, supermarkets, retail stores, etc. Therefore, it will be convenient for you to make a transaction here.

Fintech payment companies offer remittance services from abroad

Using Western Union’s money transfer from overseas to Vietnam with a simple process and method. Forms of transferring money from abroad to Vietnam are diversified, as:

  • Transferring money directly through Western Union International’s official website.
  • Transferring money through “Western Union International Money Transfer” application on IOS and Android
  • Remittance into the recipient's banking account directly ( Sender should provide full information about recipient as their name, banking account at which banks; Notify them about SWIFT CODE or BIC).

In Vietnam, the only method of sending money through Western Union's agents is applicable. Currently, there are so many restrictions for receiving/ transferring money services in  Western Union Vietnam, however, these services are top-rated in many countries in the world.

Transfer money from abroad to Vietnam through Xoom - PayPal, a fintech payment company

PayPal is the leading fintech payment company in the world providing payment and remittance services, offering remittances from the US to Vietnam. Xoom, a member of PayPal, plays a role as a provider of international transfer service. It’s just applicable for customers whose banking account is at Vietcombank.  

Xoom cooperates with prestigious digital payment companies around the world to provide convenient, safe, and affordable remittances. Applicable fees of remittances vary, depending on the method of payment and the amount of transfer. The fees for sending money to Vietnam is also quite competitive: Approximately $ 3 for a transfer limit of $ 1,000.


When transferring money from abroad to Vietnam, it only takes 3 simple steps below to complete the transaction: 

Step 1: Register or login to

Step 2: Fill out the amount you wish to transfer, receiver's information, choose locations convenient for the receiver and the method of receiving money after that.

Note: Sender could pay money by his/her banking account, credit card, debit card in the US. Xoom, the fintech company, accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards issued in the US. If the sender has linked the Xoom account to the PayPal account, the sender can choose a banking account, credit card, or debit card linked to PayPal for payment.

Step 3: The receiver will receive the amount respectively and according to the receiving method chosen by the sender. Money can be received directly at the bank, from transfers overseas to Vietnam through a banking account or by delivering to your home.

The special character of this service is that it's only applied to money transfers from the US to Vietnam and not yet applied in many countries. However, it is a form of online transaction, so customers need to pay attention to the information before processing the transaction.

Methods to global money transfer to Vietnam through FinFan

FinFan, which was established in 2007, is currently providing many services in relation to money transfer and international payment and cooperating with 65 global money transfer providers to 165 countries at a competitive cost.

Moreover, FinFan is building a mobile app and it will be launched in October 2020. Remittances to Vietnam on this app will help users track the transaction process and easily make a payment through a smartphone.

The way to transfer money from abroad to Vietnam at FinFan is  really simple, with just some following  steps:

Step 1: Go to FinFan's partner agents in 165 countries to proceed with your transaction.

Step 2: Fill out all Sender's information such as full name, banking account and information about the recipient. Then give it to the teller for processing.

Step 3: Pay fees and the sending amount. Then, send the code you have received to the recipient.

Detail Information: Fintech payment company in Vietnam - FinFan

Global money transfer from abroad to Vietnam through UniTeller of Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo is one of the most prestigious banks in the United States with the smartest and most advanced methods of global money transfer to Vietnam. Wells Fargo bank has expanded the form of sending money from abroad to Vietnam through transaction points at Vietcombank, based on the connection of Wells Fargo and UniTeller.

FinFan support mobile payment companies, who are fintech payment companies worldwide

When sending money through UniTeller, customers need to be focused on finding UniTeller transaction points. If you have trouble, call the following numbers directly:

  • 1800 495 5674 or 1800 670 1113 ( in the US)
  • 01800 833 4700 ( in Mexico) 

Customers who need to send money from other countries around the world can call 1201 345 2000,  the call center in the US. The customer care-staff will then guide you. The average fees will be $ 7 per transaction to Vietnam at Vietcombank through UniTeller services and the maximum transfer limit is $ 3,000 per transaction.

What do recipients need to do in order to receive money from overseas through express money transfer companies? Let's find out in detail how to receive money from abroad to Vietnam!

How to receive money from abroad to Vietnam through express money transfer companies

When receiving money from abroad to Vietnam, you have to know which country your relatives have sent money to and which bank you can receive? When you know the exact receiving bank, just go directly to that bank, and remember to bring all your identification papers to receive money.

Receiving money from abroad through MoneyGram

MoneyGram is the most popular express money transfer company. Customers often give priority to using the money receiving service at MoneyGram for the fast and safe method. Usually, MoneyGram's branches will be available at banks or at agents with counters to assist customers in receiving money.

The recipient needs to prepare something to receive money from abroad, as follow:

  • Receive the transaction code (8 characters) provided by the sender.
  • Go to any MoneyGram's agent and bring a valid ID card, citizenship card or passport.
  • Fill out “ the money receiving slip”  and take money from the tellers.

You can receive money in some stipulated currencies, but only no fees for VND.

Find out more about FinFan's strategic partner:

Receiving money from abroad through Western Union Vietnam

As with most other methods of receiving money, after completing the information on transferring required by Western Union  International, the sender will be provided with 10 reference numbers and then send this code to the receiver. The recipient goes to Western Union  International Money Transfer's agents in Vietnam and provides this code and the requested information, the rest will be handled by agents.

Receiving money from abroad through Western Union Vietnam

There are three ways of receiving at Western Union Vietnam: Receiving cash via bank account, at the agent, or an account which is the phone number (This service is not currently available in Vietnam).

Receiving money from abroad through Paypal

The service of receiving money through Paypal is only available for customers whose banking accounts are at Vietcombank or Sacombank. Customers can receive money right away through Vietcombank’s and Sacombank’s banking account at no fee. The best ways of receiving money from abroad include a Bank account designated by the sender, or receiving cash through transaction points. As follows:

* For customers receiving money via Vietcombank account:

Account-holders can withdraw money according to Vietcombank's current regulations.

* For customers receiving cash at Vietcombank's transaction counters:

  • The benefit receive the code given by the sender
  • The receiver presents a valid ID or citizen ID card or passport at Vietcombank / Sacombank's transaction counters.
  • Provide this code and fill out “Money receiving slip from overseas”
  • Receive money from the tellers at no cost.

Receiving money from abroad through UniTeller of Wells Fargo Bank, international money transfer companies

UniTeller's money receiving service from abroad is a service that receives money quickly from the US to Vietnam and is built on the basis of association and cooperation with the leading US bank, Wells Fargo, and its partner in Vietnam is Vietcombank and is international money transfer companies.

Customers receive the money within 1 day from the date of transfer and the receiver does not need to pay any extra fees. There are two ways to receive money in Vietnam is to receive money directly at the counter in a cash or banking account of Vietcombank.

When receiving money through Uniteller, customers need to pay attention to the following:

* For customers receiving via account (Customers who have banking accounts at Vietcombank):

When receiving the instruction of UniTeller, Vietcombank will automatically credit the recipient's valid account. The account holder can perform transactions directly from this account. 

* For customers receiving cash:

  • The sender gives the code to the recipient
  • Go to any Vietcombank's transaction points or the address given by a Bank officer.
  • Bring ID card, Citizen Card or Passport, valid and the transaction code.
  • Fill out "The money receiving slip" and receive money from Vietcombank's tellers at no fee.

Receiving money from abroad through FinFan

FinFan allows money transfers from 165 countries to Vietnam at a competitive cost. Customers can choose the received money as USD, VND or other currencies accepted by SBV  from time to time. Recipients are at no fee and can easily look up the transaction at the main website “”  for necessary information.

There are two forms of receiving money: receiving cash at Sacombank's transaction points or Viettel stores or receiving money transfer from abroad via banking accounts. If you receive a foreign currency other than VND or want to convert USD into Vietnamese Dong, please visit Sacombank's transaction systems for support.

FinFan focus on settlement transaction and expand mobile payment services 

Time, regulations and limits on global money transfer from abroad to Vietnam

The procedures and limits for transferring money from abroad to Vietnam have now been simplified. It facilitates citizens living abroad or foreigners remitting money to Vietnam more easily.

Fees for global money transfer from abroad to Vietnam

When sending money to Vietnam, the high or low fees depend directly on the transfer limit as well as the service provider. Accordingly, the cost of transferring money from abroad to Vietnam is also very competitive, the average fees of $ 2 - 3 per transaction with a limit of $ 1000.

For the receipt of global money transfer from abroad to Vietnam, the fee is regulated by each bank and currency:

  • It will be at no fee for receiving cash in Vietnam Dong
  • It will be charged for receiving cash in other foreign currencies.

For example: At Vietcombank, when receiving money in USD from another bank, it will take 10 days and the fee of 0.15% (minimum of $ 2). Or the large fee for sending money from abroad to Vietnam will be charged by a specific percentage (0.15%).

Limits on money transfer from abroad to Vietnam

You can transfer money internationally in regular strong currencies such as the US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Australian dollar (AUD), Singapore dollar (SGD), British pound (GBP), Canadian dollar (CAD), Japanese yen (JPY), Hong Kong dollar (HKD) ...

Each country has its own international transfer limit according to regulations. The maximum amount that you can transfer depends on the law of the State Bank (SBV), the policies and regulations of each bank or express company. For instance, fast money transfer companies, digital payment companies or banks in Japan allow a maximum amount of 1 million Japanese yen for the purpose of remitting money overseas. If the customer needs to transfer more, they can ask someone else to make a transaction.

FinFan is a fintech company in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are no limits on money transfers from abroad to Vietnam. You can receive money in VND or other foreign currencies by exchanging rates at any bank or agent.

Time to money transfer companies to remittance from overseas to Vietnam

With the great competitiveness in this remittance service industry, the time to send money will be as optimized as possible. Moreover, the blockchain technology platform will also make this process faster and less complicated. Therefore, the time to receive money can be from 1 to 10 days depending on the form of receiving money, the money transfer companies or banks you choose to perform a payment.

For example: At Sacombank, if a customer chooses the FinFan service through the main website,, the time of sending money from abroad to Vietnam is only a few minutes or no later than 3 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

Customers can receive money from relatives overseas sent to Vietnam in the fastest and most convenient way through FinFan's remittance - payment service at Sacombank. Customers can easily receive money in USD or VND depending on their wishes. On the other hand, customers can quickly receive money through their accounts at any of Napas's banking systems as soon as the sender completes the transfer procedure.

In addition, customers can also receive money at the counters at any Viettel or Sacombank payout locations over the world.

Notes when the global money transfer

Here are some notes that customers should pay attention to avoid unnecessary troubles in the process of transferring money from abroad to Vietnam:

  1. Go to the nearest bank or company where you live and work. Make sure that the bank or company offers global money transfer services (choose famous and prestigious banks or these entities above ) and provide the necessary information according to the instructions of the teller, fill out the form, double-check that information and pay the transfer amount as well as the fees.
  2. If you are having trouble communicating with tellers, please read the instructions above, fill out the instructions form completely and send it to the teller for their help.
  3. Try to fulfill all required information in the information sheet or at least information for identifying the payee ( identification with photo). Or if the recipient already has a banking account, just provide that payee's account number. Last but not least, provide the recipient's mobile or fixed contact number so that the remitting entities could notify the payee when the money arrives.
  4. Don't forget to choose the method of receiving the money that is convenient for the payee to avoid the recipient having no idea what to do. Tell them in advance the necessary papers and documents or recommend them to read this article.
  5. Finally, keep the deposit statement or receipt as evidence when needed.
  6. Customers should be done carefully on mobile apps because this transfer from abroad to Vietnam has mistakes easily and losing money is unavoidable.

Regulations on sending money to Vietnam from abroad

Here are some regulations on sending money to Vietnam by the State Bank (SBV), according to Foreign Exchange Ordinance 07 / VBHN - VPQH:

Article 8: One-way money transfer

  1. Foreign currencies of residents being organizations in Vietnam, which are collected from one-way money transfers, must be transferred to foreign currency accounts opened at authorized credit institutions or sold to authorized credit institutions.
  2. Foreign currency of residents being individuals in Vietnam collected from one-way money transfers and used for storing, carrying and depositing into foreign currency accounts opened at authorized credit institutions. or sell it to an authorized credit institution; Vietnamese citizens may deposit foreign currency savings at authorized credit institutions.
  3. Residents may purchase, transfer, or bring foreign currencies overseas to serve legitimate needs.
  4. Non-residents, residents being foreigners with foreign currencies on their accounts may transfer abroad; in cases where they have lawful incomes in Vietnam dong, they can buy foreign currencies to remit abroad.
  5. Residents, non-residents may not send foreign exchange in postal articles.

Recommending some of the digital payment companies

Besides transferring money by banks, express money transfer companies, digital payment companies you can also try using cross-border transfers provided by these enterprises below with many convenient features, such as: remitting money anywhere anytime with convenient fees and without commuting time.

 Here are the most popular app pay of international transfers in the world

Paypal App

This is one of the best money transfer apps international consumers in the world, and the most convenient app for international goods purchases and payments such as activities via Amazon, Etsy, ... Especially, Paypal has a function to help customers get money back very fast when transferring the wrong person or wrong number.

FinFan App

This app, a product of eWay, the financial technology company, will be launched in October 2020 with a promise of becoming the most innovative technology product. Providing services to help customers in some categories, such as paying bills, remittances, Airtime-Top-up, …

Online payment methods for small business

See more about FinFan's way of global money transfer from the US to Vietnam

Perfect Money App

This is one of the 5 best international money transfer apps. This app pay acts as online banking allowing consumers to receive and remit international money most conveniently. In particular, the app allows consumers to convert USD into Vietnamese or vice versa.

Payeer App

This app enables customers to send and receive money as well as convert money all around the world. In addition, customers can make a payment continuously without money limits due to any reasons.  

Currently, MoneyGram or FinFan also has payment mobile apps. MoneyGram’s app, however, is not available in Vietnam,  just in some countries in the world.

If you need any information or support, please don’t hesitate to catch FinFan up at the telephone or website and leave a message.

    Best Way Corporation (eWay) -  FinFan

    Hotline: 0286 685 3317

    Address: Floor 9, 14 Truong Quyen st., Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city

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