TransferGo enables its customers to transfer money across European countries to Vietnam through FinFan’s network

FinFan and TransferGo today have announced a partnership that enables customers across 20 European countries to make international money transfers directly to Vietnam 

Working towards the shared mission of leveraging the "cross-border money transfer" solution as payment service providers, FinFan and Transfergo help Vietnamese people living in European countries to transfer real-time remittances home in a more secure, flexible way.  

Having an extensive global network, Transfergo’s enhanced technological ecosystem and a robust platform is a perfect fit for FinFan in fully developing its payment services through their unique API platform. 

“We always cherish the journey of connection for each partner, because each path they bring is beneficial to us and the prosperity of Vietnam. TransferGo, a money transfer industry hero from the ground up, is the best connection value FinFan has received. Everything is resolved quickly, and money has been transferred halfway around the world in the blink of an eye. Isn't it fantastic?" Tuyen NGUYEN, CEO & Founder, responded.

The partnership proudly marks FinFan as a global partner to various leading cross-border transfer companies, fintech enterprises, virtual wallet operators, and financial institutions to manage digital transactions across borders. FinFan helps in leveraging its flexible, highly secure, and scalable technology platform to enhance its offerings in remittances, payments, and cross-border transfers. FinFan has set it apart from other competitors by broadening its money transfer corridor from more than 160 nations to Vietnam with various stakeholders including MoneyGram, Ripple, Remitly, Thunes, Sacombank, VNPT Pay, etc. 

About Transfergo 

Founded in 2012, TransferGo has established itself as one of the most trusted money transfer services in the world. Its focus on delivering, fast, reliable remittances has led it to become the only Pan-European money transfer company that can guarantee an individual’s money will reach its destination in 30 minutes. By putting the customer experience first TransferGo has built a brand that thousands of clients trust and a product they love. Its vision is to make international financial services pain-free and without artificial borders.

About FinFan

FinFan, Best Way Corporation, established in 2007. Currently, FinFan is providing real-time payment services and cross-border transfers. In addition, FinFan has an extensive settlement network and complete payment channels, such as: direct to account, direct to card, cash pickup (the network is across 63 provinces), e-wallet (MoMo, WebMoney VN, Bankplus,..) home delivery. 

Using the real-time remittances to Vietnam through the only API gateway connecting Ripple-FinFan is to send the best love and value to Vietnam, to family, partners, friends,...

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