The Best Technology, Fintech Companies To Work For In Vietnam

Do you find any opportunities for yourself at technology, fintech companies in Vietnam? These companies are now hectic to find the talents to build their own empire. They need a few main employees, find a few more core positions for their own business. So why do they need such manpower? This is a PR trick or the way businesses are reinforcing their apparatus.

Even though the current business cycle is quite tough and the effects of the epidemic are still happening, fintech businesses show their admirable resilience and their reliable and transparent recruitment needs. The impact of Covid-19 seriously affects the workers as companies in turn reduce their employees, on the contrary, fintech companies are the bright door opening the path for them. The seeds that fintech sown over the past 10 years are finally being used to power the next generation.

After thousands of interviews from fintech startup founders, technology and in-depth interviews, a list of how businesses breakthrough, hard work and actively recruit to expand their existing businesses.

This list has been sorted out, including companies with less than 200 employees at the headquarters or only maintaining a group of executive personnel in Vietnam. Let's take a look below to find out if the company you have paid attention to is on this list.


Dat Bike

Dat Bike, a technology company that develops hardware for an electric motorcycle, the most powerful electric scooter developed by the Vietnamese, is a manufacturer of Wearver. Because of the atmospheric effects caused by the exhaust of the vehicles, the young man created this brand and built a factory in Binh Duong to produce a closed production from A to Z. Dat Bike gives users a modern vehicle that does not harm the environment and weighs only 80kg, lighter than the lightest motor at the moment. By design aerodynamics allows the car to achieve the desired speed without affecting the endurance of the machine. 



Start-up Proptech Homebase offers custom investment plans where homebuyers pay only what they can afford, and they can move in from the first days and then can buy all or a part of the available capital. Homebase uses artificial intelligence, big data, asset pricing models and financial metrics to make investment decisions for customers who have dreams of becoming a house owner. Homebase approaches customers in a very novel way. In addition, they also exploit the power of technology to develop their business services.


Vietcetera Media

Vietcetera Media, a Vietnamese media company headquartered in Saigon, is one of the fastest-growing publishing platforms in the country for audiences, mainly for Generation Z and young. Operating as a content hub in Vietnam, Vietcetera Media aims to become the content provider chosen for Vietnamese consumers of the emerging middle class, increasingly knowledgeable, as well as international audiences, overseas Vietnamese and tourists to Vietnam. The mission of the company is to bring Vietnam to the world, and the world to Vietnam. With a growth rate of 770% annually, this is an opportunity to see millions of Vietnamese interacting with its products. Vietcetera Media is both a part of the best fintech companies to work for and it’s the leading media company in Vietnam.

Vietcetera’s Office is an endless source of inspiration



Also, a proptech company, RealStake, is trying to simplify real estate transactions in Vietnam and across Southeast Asia by making it possible for people to invest in projects of good value. RealStake provides a technology platform that allows users to invest their money with others in the property or house which they choose with the money they want to invest in. RealStake's main affairs are to make real estate transactions easier, safer, and faster. This ensures there is not much risk for users as well as helping them earn money faster, calculate the amount of their money. 


One on One English

Headquartered in both Vietnam and Singapore, One on One English is an educational technology startup trying to break the old barriers of teaching English in Southeast Asia. By connecting people wishing to learn with North American teachers in online classes (virtual classrooms) designed to optimize the learning cycle and student learning, the company offers online ESL courses for people aged 6-16 years old. The business strategy and vision of One On One English is to become a leading online education platform in Southeast Asia that connects excellent teachers from all over the world.



Teky Group is highly appreciated because they built the first institute  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) in Vietnam for children (6 years to 18 years old). They opened first-class laboratories in Vietnam and expanded partnerships with schools so that students could participate in the analytical science and technology lessons Teky has developed. Moreover, Teky offers more technology courses during vacations and is currently working on an e-learning platform development project in smaller cities.


Jio Health

Growing on desire, An online healthcare app that combines services such as telemedicine, e-pharmacy, and home appointment booking for doctors, Jio Health provides digital medical services and also assists technicians when needed. This is designed to operate, control elements of the customer journey and maintain the highest medical standards. The Jio company extends its services from medical care, short-term illnesses to chronic illnesses with ancillary services.


Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere is a leading digital healthcare company in Singapore, appearing in Vietnam in mid-2019. The Doctor Anywhere app is the mainstay of this business, with the goal of optimizing healthcare experiences by connecting patients and doctors in different geographic locations. Using digital platforms in medical care, using video for doctors to easily advise people who are interested and want to improve their health and medicine will be delivered to the home.



By using smart technology and big data to build the largest B2B (business to business) trading platform in Vietnam, Telio connects small, traditional retailers to participate in the sales system with famous brands. .Telio also gives retailers more choices in the business, better pricing, and more efficient back-up. For brands and wholesalers, Telio offers better margins. Telio is one of the first Vietnamese startups invested by venture capital fund Sequoia Capital.



Finhay, a startup fintech, is an asset management platform that helps millennials invest microfinance in mutual funds in Vietnam. Built under the model of an integrated financial services center in Vietnam, it helps talented investors become wealthy wisely, without wasting money. The company aims to serve millennial micro-investors - one of those not well served. Finhay's efforts have been recognized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology, KPMG Fintech and Techfest Vietnam. Finhay is the best fintech company to work for in Vietnam.

Recruitment notice of Finhay



Funded by leading venture capitalists, including 500 Startups in Vietnam, Stably is a leading global stablecoin and blockchain technology company building financial products and infrastructure for a world globally connected and decentralized. The company hopes to democratize the rights of access to financial services that were once beyond the reach of many people, creating programmable profits that anyone could develop on their own and create the infrastructure that allows money to move without borders, without barriers.



It’s an application that connects Vietnam's fruit farming industry with buyers, traders, and supermarkets, iTapHoa facilitates everyone from farmers, parents to students the opportunity to have more income. Fruit suppliers can earn up to 10 million VND a month while enjoying complete autonomy and providing the community with clean, fresh, organic products at affordable prices. iTapHoa is in charge of the delivery and technology of searching for goods and buyers.



Amanotes, a booming startup in the Vietnam music industry, has a business strategy to delight music lovers with interactive experiences. Their ambition was to control, ignite the entire music industry, starting with the music game scene. Since its launch in 2014, the company has published more than 20 music games and mobile apps with more than 900 million downloads and more than 90 million monthly active users worldwide.

Above are all the best fintech companies to working for, which one do you like?