Special promotion from Zalo Pay in August and September - SentBe

FinFan’s partner in Vietnam – Zalo Pay has a special promotion program for the remittance receivers in Vietnam named “Receiving remittances to win a mace of gold” only in August and September 2023.

  • Duration of promotion program: from August 18th to September 30th
  • Program information:
    • Program’s participants: All the remittance receivers through ZaloPay from the using FinFan’s international partner SentBe senders.
    • Program’s prize structure:

All the receivers will get vouchers from ZaloPay. These vouchers can be used to pay for services on ZaloPay such as booking airline tickets, long-distance passenger car tickets, hotels, paying bills, and recharging phones.

The luckiest receiver who has the fastest transaction with a transaction code ending number “99” will win the best value prize - a mace of gold.

  • 3 steps to win a mace of gold from ZaloPay:
    • Step 1: Senders set up remittance orders on FinFan partner’s SentBe. If the sender doesn’t have SentBe’s account, let’s register an account here.
    • Step 2: Senders choose the method of receiving money as E-wallet and then tick the choice ZaloPay e-wallet. After that, senders fill in the correct phone number and ZaloPay wallet information of the recipients).
    • Step 3: The recipient receives the money successfully and completes the program: "Receiving remittances to win a mace of gold" of ZaloPay. Especially, ZaloPay will award the most valuable prize, a gold mace, to the luckiest receiver who has the fastest transaction with a transaction code ending number “99”.
  • Notice of the program from ZaloPay
    • Each receiver will receive only one voucher during the promotion program period.
    • If a customer has the same ending number of transaction codes “99”, then the customer who completes the remittance first will be awarded.
    • The vouchers will be transferred directly to the receivers’ ZaloPay wallets.
    • The program may end earlier than expected when the promotional budget runs out.
    • Promotional gifts may be suspended or stopped if the system detects signs of fraud and speculation from the receivers.
    • In case Zion suspects or detects that a customer shows signs of fraud, forgery, speculation, or profiteering for promotion, Zion (ZaloPay management company) has the right not to offer promotions to receivers.
    • If there is a dispute of interest, ZaloPay's decision is final.
    • ZaloPay supports resolving complaints within 3 days from the end of the program.
    • Services provided and transaction processing by ZaloPay.