SentBe - FinFan - ZaloPay: Tet Holiday Promotion

SentBe - FinFan - ZaloPay: Tet Holiday Promotion

Genuine gifts for you: from now until February 1, 2024, when receiving international money on ZaloPay, get a combo voucher to pay for phone payment services and air tickets.

Event period: February 1, 2024 - March 31, 2024

Program information: Customers receiving international money on ZaloPay will IMMEDIATELY receive a voucher to pay for services.

Prize structure: Combo voucher includes: Payment for services: flight ticket booking, phone recharge, and data packages for all customers using the "International Money Receive" service, specifically:

• Phone Voucher | 3% off, maximum 10K

• Voucher Data/Combo | 9% off, maximum 10K

• International Data Voucher | 10% off up to 20K

• 2% discount voucher - Maximum discount of 400K for airline tickets from 5 million

Steps to participate:

• Step 1: Send ZaloPay registration phone number to friends/relatives abroad, who are users of SentBe

• Step 2: Friends/relatives abroad make a money transfer order to your ZaloPay wallet

• Step 3: You successfully receive money and complete the program "Receive international money - Add flight incentives and international data"

Applicable participants: All customers using the "Receive money internationally" feature on ZaloPay during the program period.


• Each customer receives a maximum of 01 voucher during the entire program

• Gift cards will be transferred directly to the Customer's wallet.

• The program may end earlier than expected when the promotion budget runs out

• Promotional gifts may be suspended or stopped if the system detects signs of fraud and speculation on the part of users

• In case Zion suspects or detects that a customer has signs of fraud, forgery, speculation, or profiteering from promotions, Zion has the right not to offer promotions to customers.

• If there is a dispute of interest, ZaloPay's decision is final

• ZaloPay supports resolving complaints within 3 days from the end of the program

• Services are provided and transactions are processed by ZaloPay