FinFan partners with Thunes, expanding Its global remittance network

VIETNAM, HCMC in 2020 - FinFan, a Vietnamese fintech company operating in the money transfer industry, and Thunes, a global cross-border remittance & payment provider announced today their strategic partnership to enable customers across the globe to send funds directly to millions of mobile wallet users and bank account holders in key emerging markets.

Currently, thanks to this partnership, FinFan’s extensive agent network can also send money around the world directly based on the infrastructure of mobile wallets, telcos and banks, beginning with over 15,000 transaction points in Vietnam. The agreement promotes FinFan’s continuous expansion in VietNam and 165 countries through Thunes’ connections. Operating in the same field of payment and remittance, both FinFan and Thunes understand their own mission to offer a "cross-border money" solution.

In addition to its extensive global network, Thunes provides advanced technological capabilities and a robust platform, enabling FinFan to enhance further its payment services through the unique API platform.

"Above all, every service we provide, we care about the customer's perception" shared by Dr.Tuyen NGUYEN, FinFan's CEO & Founder. “The partnership will enable Thunes, who understands the important role we play in the daily life of our customers to make remittance options available to overseas expatriates and extend our reach in Vietnam. This is a significant step towards improving access to home remittance services, money transfers to post offices, where rural communities and remote areas." 

CEO Tuyen NGUYEN added: “The business development path with Thunes companion will certainly be brilliant.

Peter De Caluwe, Thunes CEO, commented: “Cooperating with FinFan, a Vietnamese fintech company in the payment-remittance industry, is another example of the importance of our multinational payment network. We look forward to working together to drive greater access to a digital money transfer platform that comes with financial support not only in Vietnam but around the world.”

About Thunes

Thunes is a B2B cross-border payment network that enables corporations and financial institutions to move funds and provide financial services in emerging markets. Our global platform connects mobile wallet providers, banks, technology companies and money transfer operators in more than 100 countries and 60 currencies. Thunes is headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in London, Shanghai, and New York.

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About FinFan

FinFan, Best Way Corporation, established in 2007. Currently, FinFan is providing real-time payment services and international money transfers. In addition, FinFan has an extensive settlement network and complete payment channels, such as: direct to account, direct to card, cash pickup ( the network is across 63 provinces), e-wallet (MoMo, WebMoney VN, BankPlus,..) home delivery. 

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