All About Mincorn, Soonicorn, Unicorn, Decacorn, Hectocorn Startups

Hearing the name minicorn or unicorn will make you think of the cartoon your kids are watching. Oh, that's the picture of the unicorn. But in this article, FinFan does not refer to the animated series but refers to "minicorn, Unicorn startups". Come on, let's explore.


What is Minicorn startup?

Minicorn startups are companies with valuations of more than $ 1 million and they are still on the rise to become a unicorn business. Every entrepreneur has dreams that they will grow "massively" together with their business. And one of them has the luckiest way to make their dreams come true.

About the Minicorn clubs

Jessica Williams, Event Director of PayExpo Europe explains: “The Minicorn Club for FinTech startups has a strong ambition and the goal to strive is to become Unicorns”, Jessica Williams PayExpo Europe's event director explained before adding, "and there are so many interesting new businesses in the fintech sector that deserve this way, they are the best inspirators".

“Thousands of fintech startups are also jostling for a strong foothold, seeking support from appropriate venture capital funds, consultation and contact to build a competitive product. Attract investment and reach scale for your goal of becoming a Unicorn soon. B Land mortgage-related consequences from the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum, the FinTech startups the UK has recovered and is growing by more than half a billion dollars to be spent from the fund in the first half of 2017. So there There's nothing to worry about here and the opportunity is still there for you.”

**(Brexit is a phrase made up of two words: "Britain" for England and "exit" for the act of leaving the EU.)

The Minicorn Club, sponsored by AG Elevate of Addleshaw Goddard, is introducing some of the brightest new companies vying to be the next Unicorn.

Besides the exhibitors, there is a dedicated networking area where investors and startups can meet each other. Most of these are fintech payment companies. This is also an opportunity for start-ups to apply for the AG Advanced Program.

The nine Minicorns featured on the show will be:

  • Cashaa - a blockchain-powered forex platform
  • Dualitybanx - a forex product for people who work with multiple currencies
  • Know Your Customer - the world's only secure, fully integrated platform that provides instant ID verification for both individual and business customers
  • New Gen - a payment solution provider, international money transfer & multi-channel e-commerce
  • ShieldPay - an instant digital escrow and payment service provider that enables secure transactions and payments between consumers around the world
  • Tide - a special bank for customers who are SMEs
  • Trezeo - provides financial stability for freelance workers in a contracting economy by converting unpredictable income into regular payments
  • Zensed - a truly automated fraud prevention system powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and an advanced machine learning model
  • 1partPet - GPS technology necklace to find lost cats and dogs

“Is the next $1 billion startups among them? Why not come to find out and become a member of the club?" Jessica Williams concluded.

Minicorn startups are growing up to become Unicorns


What is Soonicorn company?

Startups have growth potential and the possibility of joining a unicorn club called Soonicorn. Soonicorn company is primarily funded and financed by an Angel Investor or a venture capitalist. Based on future forecasts about the industry market and firm valuations so they come up with a valuation for the business. And of course, it always exceeds the real value of the startups. In similar cases, larger organizations acquire startups, and this leads to valuing them above their actual net worth. This is a favorable condition to help startups join these Soonicorn clubs earlier and get closer to a $ 1 billion asset valuation. 

Soonicorn Businesses Market

In the India Tech Startups Ecosystem Report for 2018, 30 startups were selected. They are tech companies, fintech, or businesses with the potential to become Unicorns by year. 2020. Outstanding among these 30 businesses must include Zerodha, Icertis, Druva, Lenskart and Delhivery. And now part of Inc42 Plus's India Tech Startups Ecosystem Report 2020, which filtered out a list of 52 Indian Soonicorns with the potential to join the unicorn club by 2022.

As expected, these upcoming 52 unicorns have raised a total investment of $ 9.4 billion (numbers revealed so far). Of the 52 startups, a large number of soonicorns, or 18 fintech startups, are followed by eight e-commerce startups and seven consumer service startups. Most of these companies are to use the technology and develop it on blockchain platforms.

And some Soonicorns are also highly appreciated in Vietnam:


Unicorn is something that always gets the attention of investors

Unicorns are public startups that are valued by venture capital one billion dollars or more. This term was created by Aileen Lee, the founder of Cowboy Ventures, and it appeared in 2013. It's worth noting that you'll be able to see a large number of those names look like they're missing from the list books such as Facebook and Amazon, ... These corporations are currently priced at a terrible number and significantly different from this position.

However, when Facebook and Amazon each have both listed and sold out on the stock market, they are often no longer called unicorns. This term applies only to corporations that are stay privately owned.

26 billion dollar startup Unicorns

The unicorn company market in the world

With the most recent Tech Unicorn Sea (formerly known as Garena) going IPO (going public in October 2017, Southeast Asia now has more unicorn startups than ever before, with the majority are based in the largest and most attractive markets in ASEAN such as Singapore, Indonesia.

With the e-commerce and fintech industries dominating the global market for Unicorn startups, China now has more than 60 unicorn startups and this number is growing every single minute. Some business comes from a Minicorn, and some come from Soonicorn. On the other hand, Southeast Asia, which is currently one of the destinations most interested by investors, currently holds 10 unicorn startups. Four hail from the fourth most populous country, Indonesia, one from Malaysia, one from the Philippines, three from Singapore and the first hail from Vietnam - VNG (Vinagame).


Decacorn is a startup company with a current valuation of over $ 10 billion. According to CBInsights, there are currently a total of 18 decacorns in the world, with 10 from the United States, fighting more than 50% of the total. But Toutiao (Bytedance), a Chinese digital/artificial intelligence media company is being valued at the top of the list with currently valued at $ 75 billion.

What is unicorn, decacorn, hectocorn startups?

Decacorns is the more evolved version of the Unicorn company. In addition to the cost barrier, the decacorns lack the basis of both the business model and the ratio. They have received such investments and have an after-money valuation of over $ 10 billion as they have shown the globe a great rate of growth that others cannot.


A tech, financial, or fintech companies worth more than $ 100 billion is called Hectocorn. Or there is another name for the company, this corporation is "Super Unicorn". It is not uncommon that one of our familiar names such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle and Cisco are examples of Heactacorn.