Deliver a Localized Payout Experience.

FinFan offers the effective, convenient, and secure solutions to instantly pay money to a large number of individuals or companies from all regions, either once or for a number of times or on a regular basis. Take the complexity out of global funds disbursement with local payment methods that let your business unlock new markets and grow faster. This solution saves financial costs associated with the traditional methods of disbursement.

Companies can take advantage of this service to pay staff salaries or any type of payment periodically or for a specified date and time, and humanitarian organizations can distribute financial grants to beneficiaries even in remote and isolated areas.

The Cash Disbursement service with payouts in locally preferred methods like bank transfers, cards, cash or immediately to beneficiaries’ wallets. After receiving the money, the beneficiary can maintain the funds in the account, cash out from FinFan agents, transfer money, pay bills, purchase e-goods, shop online, and more.