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FinFan is an ideal partner to achieve widespread money beyond border impact. There are many ways to partner with FinFan We pool the strengths of different stakeholders—from banks,  money transfer agents, telecom companies, ewallet providers, and financial institutions, or fintech founders/ entrepreneurs — through our innovative collaboration models. We create win-win partnerships that respond effectively to communities and business challenges.

FinFan has developed a range of relationships since 2014, from top local visionary players to over 150 global strategic companies. FinFan's top infrastructure enables us to collaborate quickly with key partners around the globe. We respond effectively to large-scale problems as fast on boarding, breaking down barriers between time zone, cost, currencies and the culture. And we introduce flexible modes of collaboration beyond the typical functions relationship.

With every partner, FinFan values your contributions to develop our partnership network around the world, our goal is the same as working together as trusted peers with the mutual goal of shaping a more just and win - win - win (customers win, you win and ours).

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