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Rapyd raises $300M on a $2.5B valuation to boost its fintech-as-a-service API
Rapyd, which provides an API-based “fintech-as-a-service” platform covering payments, banking services, fraud protection and more, has raised $300 million
Digital Banking Heats up in Vietnam Amid COVID-19, Booming E-Commerce Sector
In Vietnam, digital banking development is accelerating on the back of rapid fintech adoption, a booming e-commerce industry and the COVID-19 pandemic.
What is Fintech? The market of fintech in Vietnam in 2020 | FinFan
What is Fintech? What makes financial technology a giant in such a short time. What is the "hotness" of Vietnam's Fintech market in 2021?
What investors are looking for in the next Fintech | FinFan
Many venture capitals or funds are giving more favors and attention to more mature, later-stage fintech companies. More than half of the investment goes to 5 fintech companies.
Non-Bank Financial Institutions to have Access to FAST and PayNow
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced today that eligible non-bank financial institutions (NFIs) will have direct access to the banking system’s retail payments infrastructure...
Top 10 fintech predictions for 2020
Despite the ongoing geopolitical instability in some regions, the investment outlook in fintech companies in 2020 remains strong globally.
The Fintech 250: The Top Fintech Companies Of 2020 from Cb Insights
The fintech industry continues to attract technology firms that transform how people and companies spend, save, borrow, invest, and more.
The Fintechization of Everything: The 7 Hottest Fintech Trends in 2021
Fintech, Experts say that crypto, p2p financial services, regulatory harmony, and more are on the horizon in 2021.
Global Financial Innovation Network launched Cross-Border Test sandbox
GFIN, the Global Financial Innovation Network, has officially introduced the launch of the Cross-Border Test (CBT) sandbox, followed by the pilot GFIN 2019 CBT.
The rise of "Voice Banking" technology
Incumbent banks, challengers, the tech giants, fintechs, and startups are already competing to attract and retain customers within their voice-powered ecosystems.
The Top 25 Financial Technology CEOs Of Asia For 2020
The Financial Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Financial Technology CEOs of Asia for 2020.
The Future Of Neobank In Fintech And Top 3 Of The Biggest Neobanks
Neobank appeared in the era of complicated economy, leading technology, booming fintech. So what will the future of neobank be like?