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Neobank: What is, Difference between Traditional Bank and Advantages
The growth of neobanks has given customers new options for banks to worry about. What are the difference between neobanks and traditional banks?
The Best Technology, Fintech Companies To Work For In Vietnam
They are both the best fintech companies to work for and it’s the leading fintech, media, digital proptech, healthcare company in Vietnam.
Embedded Finance Is The Next Evolution In The Future Of Fintech
By integrating original financial services into neobanks, as in the case of BaaS accounting firm or the market called "embedded banking"
These innovative companies are revolutionizing the fintech space.
Why Fintech Companies Like Square and Stripe Are Thriving Right Now
Fintech companies have been trying for more than 10 years to build products, from payment, money transfer to loans to serve their customers.
What is the Game Plan for Hong Kong’s Virtual Banks?
In Hong Kong, virtual banking is bringing in new opportunities to serve the financially underserved, a segment new entrants including WeLab Bank, Airstar Bank,..., are actively pursuing.
5 Bank And Fintech Partnership Ideas To Generate Revenue
There are bank/fintech partnership opportunities out there that could generate revenue for both parties, yet few banks are pursuing those opportunities.
Move over Monzo: Investors love B2B fintechs now
Digital banks, trading apps, savings bots, and services for the ‘underbanked’ are by far the most hyped fintech companies in the media.
Vietnam’s Newest Unicorn Fintech, Part Of Mobile Payment Companies
VNLife, a diverse fintech ecosystem in Vietnam, made a profit from payment gateway solutions. Currently, the payment company wants more than that.
QFTH incubator, accelerator programmes get more than 750 applications from over 70 countries
The Qatar FinTech Hub (QFTH), co-founded by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) and established to support the growth of the fintech industry in Qatar
Crypto Long & Short: The OCC’s Stablecoin Statement Is a Seed of Financial Innovation
An unsurprising statement from a financial regulator is sending some welcome signals that point to a spurt of innovation ahead.
South East Asia Leads Fintech Funding in Asia Pacific
Investments in fintech companies in Asia-Pacific grew 9.1% to US$1.4 billion in the second quarter of 2020 when compared with the first quarter.