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The Unicorn World Order
Founders and investors are often obsessed by this arbitrary valuation threshold but a healthy, vibrant ecosystem is so much more that that.
HCMC eyes spot as Southeast Asia startup hub
HCMC, Government have approved a plan to inspirit 1,000 startups program by 2025 as part of efforts to become a Southeast Asian Innovation Hub.
List of neobanks in the world in 2021
There are more than 170 neobanks (neo-banking) in the world. Here is the most complete list of neobanks and mobile banks (not digital banking).
The Leading FinTech Investors Could Make 2020 A Big Year
FinTech investments are expected to reach new heights in 2020. Even with the current state of the economy, many financial technology companies are seeing a surge in the stock market...
Why venture capitals Say “NO”
Before becoming a venture cappital, I often questioned why so many investors say “no” to a seemingly good idea. It was only after becoming a VC that I got clarity on this simple question.
All About Mincorn, Soonicorn, Unicorn, Decacorn, Hectocorn Startups
What Is Minicorn, Soonicorn, Unicorn, Decacorn and Hectocorn Startups? How to know where a business is located among the Unicorns?
Soonicorn Club 2020: Top Tech Startups In Vietnam
The economy of Vietnam is 44th-largest in the world, with a nominal GDP of USD 261 billion. More than 50% of Vietnam's GDP comes from its service sector.
Fintech Startup, TransferWise, Sprang From The Investment Feature Launch
TransferWise has proven its capabilities by becoming one of the largest fintech startups in the world with a "terrible" valuation.
Venture Capital Vietnam
Venture capital (VC) is an investor who either gives funding to startup companies or supports small firms that desire to expand the market
Korea’s $2 Billion Unicorn Toss Join Forces With CIMB Bank Vietnam For In-App Banking Solution
Alongside big names like China and Singapore, South Korea is a rising star in the Asian tech giant battlefield.