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Forget about Monzo and Starling, what about Metro Bank, Tandem, Tide, OakNorth,...?
I guess we focus upon Monzo, Starling and Revolut, because they are the front-runners.
Mobile money pilot project: User's security is priority
The State Bank of Việt Nam is completing a mobile money pilot project and will submit it to the Government for approval this month.
What the hell is a neobank?
This is the third installment in our ‘What the hell is’ series, focusing on the new banking category – neobanks.
What Is a Neobank?
Neobank meaning are financial technology companies that provide financial services such as payments, money transfers, online shopping through an application.
How Can NeoBanks Offer Digital Onboarding That’s Both Safe And Easy
Let’s examine how neobanks should balance safety and a frictionless user experience for digital onboarding.
Dawn Of The Neobank: The Fintechs Trying To Kill The Corner Bank
The sky is the limit,” gushes MoneyLion founder and CEO Dee Choubey as he strolls into Manhattan’s Madison Square Park, the oak and ash trees turning color in the October sunshine.
Setting Up a Neobank From Scratch
Hong Kong’s ZA Bank has become the first of the eight virtual banks that won banking licenses in 2019 to launch services.
What Role Will Neo Banks Play in Real Estate?
In this article we take a closer look at neo banks and how they are rapidly building a reputation in the real estate industry.
Must a fintech be local?
Most successful tech companies, especially Silicon Valley tech-giants, seem to expand globally at a breakneck pace.