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  • There’s no doubt that the payment method is one of the most import factor that traders consider when negotiating international transactions where we are going to explore some types of payment methods that are most widely used in international trade and determine the most suitable payment method for your business.

  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies to make international payment cost-effective, secure, swift and more. And that’s why application programming interfaces (APIs) have risen to the top for Virtual Accounts, Direct Deposit Accounts (DDA), IBAN or Netting and the likes.


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International Settlement Netting Scheme coming soon - International Settlement Netting Scheme coming soon - International Settlement Netting Scheme coming soon

New economic models demands serve as the catalyst for technology replacement. Given this outlook, FinFan aims to look beyond exchanging multiple cash flows into a single 'netted’ amount that allows positive and negative values to offset each other, known as “settlement netting”

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Payment evolves E-Commerce

E-commerce worldwide sales anticipated to be # $4 trillion in 2021.

The evolution in e-commerce can be partially credited to the developments within fintech such as online methods, new payment options as buy now pay later or growing increasingly secure and efficient of cross border payment innovations. FinFan builds trust in Cashin - Cashout services collection with great targeting options, full transparency, easy to use, outstanding reporting & support across almost sectors.

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