VNPay and FinFan are collaborating to make remittances to Vietnam more easily

During its more than 15 years of service in receiving and transferring remittances from more than 100 countries around the world to Vietnam for its customers, FinFan has always tried to find the best solutions to bring the best experience for them.

According to the research, Vietnam is a country with a relatively high unbanked and underbanked rate (over 67% in 2021) with more than 67 million people without a bank account or unable to access the services that banks provide such as receiving and transferring international money, international payment, etc.
For that reason, FinFan quickly found a solution to meet the increasing demand for remittances from abroad to Vietnam by combining e-wallets with the leading number of users in Vietnam such as MoMo, ZaloPay and VNPay along with an international money transfer service that has cooperated with FinFan for many years such as MoneyGram, Paysend, SmallWorld, Remitly, etc.

From now on, senders from more than 100 countries using money transfer services located in the system of more than 40 international partners of FinFan can send money directly through their agents or applications to their e-wallets. from MoMo, Zalo Pay, VNPay of the beneficiary. Money in this MoMo, ZaloPay and VNPay wallets can be withdrawn to the bank account linked to the beneficiary's wallet or used immediately to pay for various services such as bill payments, loan payments. , buy airline tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, movie tickets, buy insurance, shop online, etc.
In the previous article, FinFan guided you on how to receive remittances from abroad directly into your ZaloPay wallet through our international remittance partners.
In this article, let's find out with FinFan how to receive remittances from abroad directly to your VNPay wallet.

Instructions for receiving remittances from abroad to the VNPay wallet

Step 1: Choose an online transfer method (app or website) or go to a transaction counter located in the system of more than 40 FinFan partners such as MoneyGram, Paysend, SmallWorld, Remitly,...;
Step 2: Enter the personal information of the sender and recipient;
Step 3: Enter the amount to be transferred;
Step 4: Select the form of money transfer "VNPay e-wallet" and enter the phone number associated with the Wallet;
Step 5: Confirm the money message on the Beneficiary's Wallet is successful.

About VNPay E-Wallet

VNPAY e-wallet is developed by Vietnam Payment Solution Joint Stock Company (VNPAY) - the leading unit in the field of electronic payment in Vietnam. Launched the latest version in early March 2021, the VNPAY wallet is known as an electronic wallet for families.
With a beautiful, friendly interface, scientifically arranged layout and professional utilities, users can easily use the VNPAY e-wallet.

To create a family wallet for relatives, users choose the family wallet feature and create a new member wallet for relatives on the application. Wallet members can use a variety of features and utilities on the VNPAY wallet including: payment transactions, online shopping and many other features...

In addition, VNPay is also in the top 3 most used e-wallets in Vietnam.

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About FinFan

Nhat Phuong Joint Stock Company was established in 2007 with the trade name FinFan. Currently, FinFan is providing real-time international transfers directly to account numbers, card numbers and e-wallets. In addition, FinFan has a wide network of transaction points throughout Vietnam to provide cash pickup and door-to-door delivery services.
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