Ripple And FinFan Partner To Proliferate Cross-Border Remittance And Payment

Launching an extended partnership program

Ripple confirmed that they have cooperated with FinFan, a fintech company (Best Way Corp), the leading payment and remittance in Vietnam. Becoming strategic partners of each other in the Vietnam market will bring a comprehensive solution for “Money Beyond Border”.

It’s the general development momentum of the fintech market, Ripple is reinforcing its position in the market by creating a comprehensive financial system, using blockchain technology to upgrade payment infrastructure. Being with its partners, Ripple has created safer and faster global payment solutions. Ripple is willing to bring community values through researching, education, and charity, they are proud to be in the great mission over global.

Great competitive advantages are created based on the partner relationship between Ripple and FinFan. To be Ripple’s strategic partner in Vietnam, FinFan strongly believes that they will become a unicorn in the future and will be on the top of financial technology.

These values, Ripple brings to the fintech industry, make it proud. Ripple is not purely a financial enterprise, it is also the future of fintech. Honorably, FinFan has a chance to be with Ripple and build a payment and remittance corridor strongly. With the core business purpose of “Money Beyond Border”, FinFan always provides the best solutions and develops a blockchain platform to do cash-in and cash-out services easily” shared by Nguyen Tuyen, the founder as well as CEO of FinFan.

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Launching an extended partnership program

Strategic significance

Besides the relationship with RippleNet in extending international money transfer, FinFan, a fintech company, has linked with 02 huge banks in Vietnam is TPBank and OCB and together become Ripple’s strategic partners in Vietnam.

FinFan has become the partner with more than 20 players in the world, moved money to over 160 countries, and 150,000 telcos over the world. This cooperation is responsible for solving difficult issues in legal proceedings, transaction fees, performing time for all cross-border money transfer process.

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