How to send money from the United States to Vietnam directly into the ewallets by using the services of FinFan’s partners – Paysend and Zalo Pay

How to send money from the United States to Vietnam directly into the ewallets by using the services of FinFan’s partners – Paysend and Zalo Pay

Paysend is a new generation remittance platform that allows users to send money directly to any Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay card in over 90 countries. Send money to your loved ones quickly, easily and securely with low and fixed fees. In particular, in the money transfer service to Vietnam, Paysend is linked with FinFan to support users to transfer remittances directly to the final user's ewallet.

Here, FinFan will guide you on how to transfer money from the United States to Vietnam through just one phone or laptop and some simple steps. Moreover, the recipient can also have the opportunity to receive attractive vouchers from Zalo Pay for up to 300,000 VND.

How to create an account on Paysend to send money from the United States to Vietnam

You can use both the computer and the mobile app to create your own Paysend account. Just go to the Paysend’s website or app and click the “Sign up” button.

If you’ve already had an account with Paysend, you can click the “Login” button on the website or on the app too.

What is Zalo Pay?

Zalo Pay is an electronic wallet developed by Zico company (a subsidiary of VNG), which has made the name of the leading social messaging network in Vietnam, Zalo.

With a huge user advantage from Zalo and huge capital from the parent company VNG, Zalo Pay is always a convenient and fast payment solution for customers when just by chatting with each other via Zalo, customers still can transfer money back and forth without having to work on the wallet.

How FinFan can connect Zalo Pay and Paysend to resolve the problem of sending money to Vietnam easily?

FinFan, a Neobank specializing in cross-border payment and money transfer in Vietnam, had a License of Foreign Currencies Acceptance and Payment approved by the Central Bank of Vietnam in 2014, licensing from our Strategy Bank to do Banking services, and was the first entity in Vietnam allowed to disburse money into E-wallet.

By taking advantage of all the above licenses, we have created an integrated API system called ewallet aggregator to connect services between domestic ewallets and remittance services from abroad.

Therefore, remittance senders can directly send money from the US to Vietnam through partner sites such as Paysend, which will then be collected by the API system and transferred to Zalo Pay to complete the process of the delivery of remittances.

How can the senders send remittances through Paysend directly to receivers’ Zalo Pay ewallets?

The sender can follow the following steps to make the remittance process done:

•  Step 1: Visit Paysend’s website. On the form to send and receive money that appears on the website, select the currency you want to send and the currency the recipient will receive is VND.

•  Step 2: After finishing the form on the website, the registration is complete and then choose the ewallet payment method and select Zalo Pay.

•  Step 3: Fill out the Beneficiary's details, including First name, Middle name, Last name, and the phone number successfully registered as an ewallet account by the Zalo Pay ewallet.

Zalo Pay's June promotion program for customers receiving remittances from abroad via this ewallet

The program will be held from June 9 to the end of June 2023 with a prize structure such as a voucher for payment of Zalo Pay services up to 300,000 VND.