Free for first transactions for the money transfer service from Australia to Vietnam

Remittance from Australia to Vietnam is a crucial demand today. Especially for those working or living or studying in Australia who need to remit money to Vietnam. The following information will be useful for people in demand to transfer money to their loved ones and their friends in Vietnam.

MasterRemit, a money transfer company located in Australia, has joined the Thunes - FinFan remittance network to provide a fast money transfer service from Australia to Vietnam at an attractive and competitive fee. MasterRemit, in particular, has a program for the first money transfer without fees for new customers who register to use the MasterRemit's service for the first time.

With the following uncomplicated steps, new customers can transfer money to Vietnam quickly and free of charge for their first transactions.:
-    Register on MasterRemit as a new customer.
-    Add FIRST4FREE code on your first transfer. [1]
-    Introduce your friends to use MasterRemit's instant money transfer service from Australia to Vietnam. After he/she successfully make the first transaction, you will receive a free code to apply on the second transaction. [2]
-    You can introduce a maximum of three of your friends to receive three free codes when transferring money from Australia to Vietnam.

Terms and Conditions
[1] The offer is valid from now until 1st, June 2021. Each unique free code is applied for transactions up to a maximum transfer amount of 5,000 USD or equivalent in Australian dollar currency.
New customers are those who have never registered and made any money transfers with MasterRemit.
The code FIRST4FREE offers you a 100% discount on the money transfer fee for your first transaction with MasterRemit.
The code must be applied during the checkout process. If the code is not applied to your first transaction, it will not be valid for your second, third, and fourth transaction,….
[2] Once referring your friend, you have to ask them to specify your MasterRemit Client Registration Number (MCRN), Email or Phone number when they sign up for MasterRemit to transfer for a second, third, and your fourth transaction without fee. If you are not nominated, you will not be eligible for a free transfer for your second, third and fourth transaction.

Receiving money in Vietnam
Your relatives, friends in Vietnam can receive money instantly through their bank account in real-time, even on weekends, or on holidays. Moreover, beneficiaries can also choose other cash receiving channels such as counters, ATMs, home delivery if they have not opened a bank account yet. Beneficiaries in Vietnam do not have to pay any additional service fees for the amount received.

In some urgent cases, choosing MasterRemit's fast money transfer service from Australia to Vietnam corporated with Thunes & FinFan will be the perfect choice for you.

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