FinFan builds its partnership with Worldcom Finance to transfer money instantly from Israel

FinFan and Worldcom Finance today have announced a partnership that enables customers across Israel to transfer international money to Vietnam. 

Leveraging Worldcom Finance’s technological ecosystem and robust platform, FinFan continues to fully develop its cross-border money transfer service, helping Vietnamese people living in Israel to transfer real-time remittances home in a more secure, flexible way.  

The partnership proudly marks FinFan as a globally trusted partner to various leading cross-border transfer companies, fintech enterprises, virtual wallet operators, and financial institutions to manage digital transactions across borders. FinFan is making the most of Worldcom Finance’s flexible, highly secure, and scalable technology platform to enhance its offerings in remittances, payments, and cross-border transfers. FinFan has strengthened its money transfer corridor from more than 160 nations to Vietnam with various stakeholders including MoneyGram, Ripple, Remitly, Thunes, Sacombank, VNPT Pay, etc., making a notable competitive edge. 

About WorldCom Finance
WorldCom Finance is a customer-oriented company specializing in developing Internet platforms for instant money transfer and immediate bank deposits worldwide. WorldCom Finance’s support teams operate from four global locations covering three time zones. This enables them to provide their customers with the finest service and support from London, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong & Yerevan. They embrace the change of the fast-paced world of technology and international money transfers; but they also work every day to invent the future of money transfers to better meet customer needs.

About FinFan

FinFan, Best Way Corporation, established in 2007. Currently, FinFan is providing real-time payment services and cross-border transfers. In addition, FinFan has an extensive settlement network and complete payment channels, such as: direct to account, direct to card, cash pickup (the network is across 63 provinces), e-wallet (MoMo, WebMoney VN, Bankplus,..) home delivery. 

Using the real-time remittances to Vietnam through the only API gateway connecting Ripple-FinFan is to send the best love and value to Vietnam, to family, partners, friends,...

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