39 Best Vietnam FinTech Startups - Fintech Vietnam in 2021

This article highlights our top picks for the best Vietnam-based FinTech companies. These fintech startups and companies are approaching the FinTech industry in a variety of ways, but they are all exceptional companies worth following.

We attempted to select companies ranging in size from cutting-edge startups to established brands.

39 Best Vietnam FinTech Startups


Homebase’s vision is to actualize each and every individual’s dream of homeownership in Southeast Asia.


Venture-backed fintech startup helping underbanked Vietnamese workers to get paid on-demand and build a strong financial health.



Finhay is a wealth management platform that helps millennials micro-invest in mutual funds.


FinFan is a fintech company that provides a secure Money-Beyond-Border services platform.




VNLife is a technology company that develops a digital ecosystem for the tourism, logistics, and commerce sector

Nano Technologies

VUI provides Flexible Payroll (EWA) solutions, income statistics, and employee financial management education through a technology platform.


Bizzi is focused on helping accountants automate financial processes like pay bill, approvals, receipt scanning, compliance.


Momo is an e-wallet and payments app that allows users to make payments and transfer money digitally.


TIMA began participating in financial markets technology from 2015 as a provider of technology lending platform peer (P2P) first in Vietnam.


AnFin is a fintech company building the most innovative products in the wealth management and brokerage space.


MFast operates as a fintech platform. MFAST is a brand under Digital Payment Solution Joint Stock Company - DigiPay JSC.

SaveMoney Corporation

SaveMoney provides a B2B2C PLATFORM of Digital Insurance MarketPlace to build personalized insurance products.

iCare Benefits

iCare Benefits empowers low income employees to increase their purchasing power with deferred payment and interest-free.

Vietnam Payment Solution

VNPAY is a financial services company that provides electronic payment solutions in Vietnam.

Money Lover – Money Manager

Cross platform solution that helps people simply manage personal finances by consolidating all accounts such as bank and cash in one place.

VSV Capital – Vietnam Silicon Valley


The first original Vietnam’s Accelerator and VC firm active since 2014, with 80+ investments and $7.2M AUM.



Vietcombank is a foreign trade bank that provides a wide range of financial services in international trade.

VietUnion (Payoo)

VietUnion Online Services Corporation is an intermediary payment service provider in Vietnam which develops and operates Payoo platform.



Vaymuon use AI or Big Data to connect money borrowers automatically, including individuals and micro SMEs with lenders.


First Super-App for Vietnam’s GenZ and Micro-Merchants


CircleBi is an analytics app focusing on cash flow for startups and SMEs. Founders use it to get quick insight about their startup finance and optimize every penny they put in.


MPOS is a mobile-based software platform that specializes in digital payment.


INSO is an insurtech company that offers online Insurance and online claiming procedures.

Kim An Group

Kim An Group operates as a fintech platform.


WowMelo is a fintech company, is removing frictions in South-East Asia’s e-commerce by offering financial solutions.


1Pay is a mobile payment platform that enables consumers and vendors to manage all their payment needs from one platform.

Techcom Securities

Techcom Securities specializes in investment banking and wealth management with financial services based on the latest technology.

Hawking Instamo

Transfer money globally with high speed, at the lowest transaction fee


DragonLend grants unsecured credit limit up to VND 500 million for small and medium enterprises in HCMC area


Leading multi-utility financial service shop chain in Vietnam

InnoTech Vietnam

Innotech Vietnam Corporation is one of the top Fintech software outsourcing company


VinaPay is a Vietnamese company that is focused on electronic payment services.


HuyDong.com is to building a personal finance portal to provide financial literacy skills for Vietnamese.




FGate is an online platform and social network related to education and employment in the finance sector



VnQuants is a financial services community that aims to develop quantitative finance applications for the Vietnamese market.


Offering solutions to help financial institutions save operation cost, reduce risks.



ZaloPay delivers mobile payment solutions that enable users to shop online, pay bills, make donations, and transfer money with ease.

PTF Company Limited

PTF is a consumer finance company that brings customers the most unique and quality personal financial solutions.

Money Forward Vietnam


Money Forward Vietnam is a B2B and a B2C fintech platform providing personal financial management service.

Fintech Vietnam in 2021

Vietnam ranks 3rd in fintech funding in ASEAN in Jan-Sep

According to the report, Vietnam accounted for US$375 million, or 11%, of total fintech funding of $3.5B during the period, which more than tripled from the entirety of 2020 as investors poured money into mature firms seen as having a higher chance of emerging strongly from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on a report released by Singapore-based United Overseas Bank (UOB), PwC Singapore, and the Singapore FinTech Association, Singapore continues to lead the fintech fund list with $1.6B (49%), followed by Indonesia with $904M (26%) (SFA).

In 2019, Vietnam accounted for 30% of the region's total fintech funding, trailing only Singapore (42%).

In 2020 report released by SFA, UOB, and PwC Singapore, Vietnam lagged behind the other ASEAN-6 countries last year, with Singapore taking the lead, followed by Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand (tied for third place), and Malaysia.

The sharp increase in total fintech funding this year was driven by 167 deals, including 13 mega-rounds, defined as funding rounds of $100M or more, which accounted for $2B of total funding.

This year has seen the most growth in funds injected into ASEAN investment tech and cryptocurrency firms, with both categories ranking second and third after payment.

Funding for investment technology firms increased sixfold this year, to $457M, in line with rising consumer interest in digital trading and wealth management tools. 

The number of Vietnamese who use Fintech services has increased 3.5 times in 4years.

According to a recent personal finance survey conducted by McKinsey, 82 percent of people in Vietnam use digital banking services at least once a month. This percentage has more than doubled since the previous survey (only 41 percent ).

In Vietnam, the proportion of people who use the services of Fintech (financial technology) companies has risen from 16% in 2017 to 56% today (in 2021). This means that the financial and banking industries are being rapidly digitized all over the world.

According to McKinsey & Company's assessment, the size of Vietnam's digital ecosystem is estimated to be $50 billion USD, with the potential to grow to $100 billion USD by 2025.

Digital users can begin their journey with e-commerce platforms, then move on to payment and the use of digital banking services. It is necessary to create a seamless and seamless experience for users in order to foster that ecosystem.

In Vietnam, 70% of respondents are willing to make a purchase through digital channels, but only 30% do so. The large disparity indicates a lack of necessary technical services, insufficient information, or a compelling reason for users to accept the digital transaction channel.