Age of Collaborations

Establishing partnerships are critical to staying ahead in specializing in a niche area significantly saves time and resources, augments product time to market, and stimulates a local’ learning curve.

Benefits for Global Partners

The way forward synergy

Must partner, or may perish? Many global players have realised that rather than compete with local players, it’s better to collaborate and leverage the potential through collaborative strategy. Each having their strengths, presence products, customer base or integration platforms to achieve a win-win equation of best-in-class services.

Risk-averse culture

All global firms need to be careful that meet local regulatory requirements or culture risks, but they need scaling fast. As a part of the bigger picture, we work with and get all the necessary support from key compliances or local stakeholders to give the partnership plenty of latitude when it comes to solution architecture, integration, and delivery new services.

Competitive Advantages

For a fintech company, being ahead of the game is a key competitive advantage where we built top 1 network, fully loaded features, real time transactions platform or faster onboarding or easier to your clients to deal with since we care about the success of our business and as a result have your interests at heart.

Outsourcing or white label Globally

We or our partners may interested in taking your products to the markets, as helpful if the quality, service and resonable price. The biggest challenge necessitate a global white label strategy whereby you will need to find trust people to work with. By local expertise, we can create partnerships with entities that may be far better than you. The result is that you will have faster market penetration.

Cost Effective Path

Globalization Partners enables multiple companies to quickly and easily expand into Vietnam without the hassle of setting up local branch offices or subsidiaries. This enables you to quickly and easily onboarding services, and lifts the burden of figuring out HR, Marketing; tax, legal or speaks the same language or understands the culture and technology matters from your shoulders to ours.

Customer acquisition strategies

When considering X-Border and the prospect of acquiring clients in new markets, there are several strategies that can be employed to accomplish that. One of fastest approach is seeking a wide footprint with companies across the world through strategic partnerships. By partnering with FinFan, it is possible to launch your products to over 69M Vietnam's unbanked population.

How FinFan works

FinFan provides single financial APIs for global players looking to scale quickly and to be sure, how can platform provides the right methods and network to launch a successful business.
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