The Fintech 250: The Top Fintech Companies Of 2020 from Cb Insights

The financial services industry continues to attract ecosystem-based tech companies in terms of how customers and businesses spend, save, borrow, invest, reward, and more. From the venture capital market to insurance and anchor banking to asset management, the Fintech 250 is a list of the most promising companies globally.

CB Insights publishes the third annual list of Fintech 250 - the list of the top 250 private fintech companies using technology platforms to convert services into services.

The 2020 Fintech 250 Group has raised approximately $49.2 billion in total funding to nearly 900 since 2015 and includes startups at various stages of investment development, from First stage companies to well-funded unicorns.

From 16,000 companies were selected according to Cb Insights Intelligence Unit, we are chosen based on a number of factors, including data submitted by our company, our company's business model and market dynamics, and the Mosaic score, CB Insights' proprietary algorithm that measures the overall health and growth potential of private companies.

Investment Highlights of the Fintech 250 in 2020

  • Unicorn Companies: Up to 32 out of 250 companies (13%) were valued at or over $ 1 billion as of their latest funding round.

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  • Trend of investors: In 2020 up to now (YTD), these 250 prominent fintech companies have raised $ 10.3 billion in equity through 120 successful deals (as of August 26th, 2020).
  • Super rounds: Since 2019, there have been 87 super rounds of investment ($ 100 million +) for Fintech 250 this year, with 35 of them by 2020 YTD.
  • Global representation: 46% of Fintech 250 by 2020 are based outside the US or multinational companies. After the US, the UK, where has the most 250 fintech firms (38), followed by India (20).
  • Leading VC Investor: Ribbit Capital is the most active investor in the list of venture capital investments in 250 Fintech companies this year. Since 2018, Ribbit has engaged in 45 successful deals for this group of fintech companies, including Hippo, Nubank, Upgrade, Robinhood and BharatPe.
  • Top deal in 2020: Grab raised $ 856 million in Series I during Q1’20 with the participation of major investors as Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and TIS INTEC Group.
  • Most Sponsored: Grab is the most sponsored company on the Fintech 250 list, having raised around $ 9.7 billion across 22 rounds since 2014.

Fintech 250 markets in 2020

Top fintech 250 and most well-funded startup companies



Accounting & Finance


Asset Management


Business Lending & Finance


Capital Markets


Core Banking & Infrastructure


Credit Score & Analytics

Future Finance



Digital Banking


Financial Services & Automation


General Lending & Marketplaces



Oscar Health

Mobile Wallets & Remittances


Payments Processing & Networks


Payroll & Benefits


Personal Finance

Varo Money

POS & Consumer Lending


Real Estate & Mortgage

Figure Technologies

Regulatory & Compliance


Retail Investing & Secondary Markets



The previous and outstanding winners from Fintech 250 in 2018

  • Unicorns: 37 out of 250 Fintech in 2018 (15%) still maintain or have become unicorns with a $ 1 billion in valuation and are directing themselves towards that higher level of decacorn.
  • Exit: 10 firms have become public and 13 ones have been acquired.
  • Death: No fintech companies on the "died" list.
  • Transactions, sponsorships and big rounds: Since 2019, Fintech 250 in 2018 has raised $ 22.9 billion in equity across 247 trading rounds, including 83 major rounds ($ 100 million + investment rounds ).

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